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Our Team

We are a friendly family run business from Lancashire. This means that we care about each other, the company, and our lovely customers, which means our service is alway top notch. We just love helping customers find their packaging solutions!

Keith, Will and Harry are the sons of Nick and Sara. When Nick passed a couple of years ago, the boys were drawn together to start their own business, embracing their chance to work with other and make Nick proud. 

Nick owned a stationery business, and Sara owned a fishmongers - which gave rise to our distinctive pencil-fish logo!

'Neek' was Nick's nickname - try saying that 10 times quickly! - and he was born in 1957....hence our name, Neek!

Our Company

As internet retailers, we struggled to buy products such as protective envelopes and bubble wrap without paying huge prices which ate into our potential profits. We knew that there must be a way to provide a cheaper, faster, and more reliable service - which is exactly what we decided to do when Neek was born.

Neek have started life with a mission to provide great value, high quality packaging, mailing and office supplest all - not just to massive companies who can afford to purchase vast quantities at a time. 


Neek are a dream to work with. Efficient service.

Jaz, Manchester

Masterin mailers have been game-changers for our Amazon business. As good as Mail Lites but cheaper - thanks guys!

Dan, Putney


            The man himself - Neek!